All Grain Beer Recipes from the Snordog Brewery


Amnesty Pale Ale

Bob Mugabe's Hyperinflation Pale Ale

College Daze Pale Ale

Dancing Dog Pale Ale

Htoo Brew Pale Ale

Mass Action Pale Ale

Power Sharing Pale Ale

Rod's Pay to Play Pale Ale

School Blaze Pale Ale

Test Brew #1 Pale Ale

Test Brew #2 Pale Ale

Waiting for Waki Pale Ale

Warthog Pale Ale

White Rhino Pale Ale

Authorized Departure Porter

Black Spot ESB

Chiswick Bitter

Rusty's Hazelnut Brown Ale

Matatu Madness Brown Ale

Hockey Mom Ale

Snordog House Ale

William's English Mild Ale

Java House Coffee Stout

Jolly Somali Amber Ale

Mt Kenya Amber Ale

Kaylee's Kolsch

Tucks Belgian Dubbel

Rustler's Reward Black Ale

Samburu Honey Ale

Railas Rye Ale

Wazimu Wheat

Kibera Special Brew (made with traditional ingredients)

Grand Coalition Imperial IPA

GRS (Grand Regency Saga ) India Pale Ale

Kiboko Bay IPA

Undead IPA


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