Snordog Homebrewing Recipes

Dancing Dog Ale

7 lbs English 2 row malt
0.5 lbs light crystal malt
1 oz Cascade hops (boil) AA 5.3
0.5 oz Mt. Hood Hops (boil) AA 4.1
0.5 oz Cascade hops (flavoring) AA 5.3
1 oz Kent Goldings hops (aroma) AA 5.0
2 tbsp Gypsum
1/4 tsp Irish Moss
English Ale yeast
1.25 cups DME for priming

Add crushed malts to 2.0 gallons of water at 168 F
Mash will stabilize at 150 to 155 F
Hold for 60 minutes
Sparge with 4 gallons of water at 170 F
Add an additional .75 gallons of water to the brew pot
Bring to a boil
After 10 minutes add 1 oz Cascade hops and 0.5 oz Mt Hood hops
Continue boiling for 65 minutes
Add 0.5 oz Cascade hops and 1/4 tsp Irish moss
Continue boiling for 15 minutes
Turn off heat and add 1 oz Kent Goldingd hops for aroma
Cover, wait 3 minutes and begin chilling the wort
Transfer to the primary fermenter when the temperature reaches 80 F
Pitch the yeast

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