Amnesty Ale

Amnesty Ale
Target Gravity 1.060
Grain Bill - Total 10 lbs
4 lbs Rahr 2-row Pale Malt
4 lbs Kenyan Pale Malt
1 lb Aromatic Malt
0.5 lb Carapils Malt
0.5 lb Crystal 15 malt
Summit hops 16.7 aa
Columbus hops 13.5 aa
Glacier hops 6.7 aa
Cascade hops 6.4 aa
Aquamist water for mash 1 liter per lb (10 Liters)
Adjust pH with 7 gm gypsum
Heat 10 liters water to 170 F
Add water to crushed grains and mix thouroughly
Monitor temperature adjusting as needed to maintain 152F
Mash for 60 minutes
Raise temperature to 170 F at completion of mash; hold for 10 minutes
Adjust pH of sparge water to 5.6
Preheat 20 liters Aquamist water to 170 F
Transfer enough water to cover the false bottom of the lautering tun
Transfer mash to lautering tun
Slowly open spigot and remove 1 liter of runoff - return to lautering tun; repeat until clear
Connect spray arm and begin adding sparge water - keep water level above grain bed
Sparge slowly for 45 minutes collecting runoff in the brew kettle
When sparging is complete, heat wort to boil and hold for 60 minutes
At boil add 0.5 oz Summit hops pellets
After 30 minutes add .5 oz Columbus hops
After 45 minutes add 0.5 oz Glacier Hops
After 45 minutes add 1 tsp irish moss
After 50 minutes add 0,5 oz Cascade Hops
After 55 mminutes add 0.5 oz Cascade hops
When boil is complete stir vigorously for 3 minutes creating a whirlpool and cover
Move the brew kettle to the big aluminum pan and bring wort temperature down to 78 F
Fill big aluminum pan and cool with water
After water becomes warm siphon off and refill pan with water and ice
Siphon cool wort into primary fermenter
Add 750 ml Wyeast Northwest Ale Yeast started by adding smack pack to 500 ml sterile wort
Wort consists of 1/2 cupl wheat dry malt extract in 500 ml H2O
Shake to aerate well
Gravity after Sparge = 1.040 (25 qts)
Initial gravity = 1.055
Final Gravity = 1.011
Bottled 14 June 08
ABV = 6.3%

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