Sierra Brewery - Nairobi, Kenya


The Sierra Brewery is located next to the Panari Sky Hotel on Mombassa Road as you head out towards Jomo Kenyata International Airport. Sierra produces 3 beers that are commercially distributed: Blonde, Amber, and a new Porter. If you stop by the brewery, you can also try their Pale Ale. In the fall they produce an Octoberfest. The restaurant is reasonably priced and offers a good variety of selections from appetizers to full meals. Everything I've tried has been very good.

Head Brewer, Alan Murungi, is a graduate of the UC Davis Masters in Brewing Science Program. Before starting the brewery in Nairobi he helped to start a brewery and sushi bar in Bangkok.

The serving bar

A Blonde and a Pale Ale

Several large pieces of brewery equipment art adorn the walls

The massive front door

The Sierra brewery was built by NERB of Germany in 2004--2005 as a turnkey operation. The brewery is a state of the art computer controlled operation and everything is gleaming stainless steel . According to Alan Murungi, the head brewer, it only takes 4-5 people to run the entire brewery.

One of 2 mash tuns

Lots of fermenters

Scott and head brewer, Alan Murungi


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