Snordog Homebrewing Relocates to Nairobi, Kenya


After a few months of downtime following the move from Silver Spring, the Snordog Brewery returned to operating status in November 2007. Using a new gas burner purchased at the local Nakumatt, Aquamist bottled water, and an IPA kit from Northern Brewer (forwarded to Kenya by Doug), we got to work on our first brew. I was assisted by Max ( a co-worker and a microbiologist by trade ) and of course, Sanuk the Beer Dog was ever present during the brewing process. The garage will be the central brewing location for Snordog Kenya - plenty of space and out of Ann's way in the kitchen. Weather in Nairobi is great for brewing ales all year round.

......The Brewmaster observes his assistant, Max.................................Stirring the brew kettle

Max adds an ounce of Nugget hops as Sanuk looks on........................Just think of the aroma

Recipe for Nairobi IPA #1 (a.k.a Tongue Splitter)

Specialty Grains

* 0.5 lbs. Dingemans Caramel Pils
* 0.5 lbs. Simpsons Caramalt


* 6 lbs. Pilsen Malt Syrup

Boil Additions

* 1 oz. Nugget (60 min)
* 1 oz. Target (15 min)
* 1 oz. Cascade (10 min)
* 0.5 oz. Cascade (2 min)
* 0.5 oz. Mt. Hood (2 min)

Special Ingredients

* 1/2 oz. Cascade Hops (dry hop)
Special Ingredients
* 1/2 oz. Mt. Hood Hops (dry hop)


* Wyeast #1332 Northwest Ale Yeast. One of the classic ale strains from the Northwest U.S. Breweries. Produces a malty and mildly fruity ale with good depth and complexity. Flocculation: high. Apparent attenuation: 67-71%. Optimum temperature: 65-75.

Update: 26 December

We bottled the beer on 24 November and tried the first bottle on 2 December. Overall it was not one of my best efforts, but it is still more flavorful than anything of the locally available lagers. I don't think there will be a problem finishing off the remaining 20 bottles


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