SNORDOG BREWERY - Nairobi, Kenya


Brewery Operations


The Brewery is set up in the backyard gazebo which provides a covered space to make beer and relax with a homebrew


We use all grain recipes and grind the grain prior to mashing. We mash in a large stainless steel pot that maintains strike temperature to within 3 degrees over the one hour mash.


Our set up is very simple using the "Papazian" false bottom sparging system comprized of 2 five gallon plastic buckets - one with about 300 holes drilled in the bottom. After mashing, the grain is transfered for sparging


Run-off is collected and recirculated until fairly clear and then sparging begins


Time to relax and have another homebrew


Once sparging is complete, the wort is brought to a boil on a propane burner. A popular event with visitors is adding the hops.


After boil is complete we transfer the kettle to a large pan of cold water to chill. Two changes of water, the second with ice added cools down the wort to ambient temperature in about 30 minutes. While we have several wort chillers, we haven't gotten around to obtaining the required hoses and fittings yet. The pan method seems to work just fine.


Once the wort is cooled, it is siphoned off into a carboy and given a good 3-5 minute shaking for aeration


Yeast is added and the new brew joins the others in the fermentation area


Volunteers can usually be found to cut out labels in exchange for homebrew and pizza. The line-up was from an archive tasting that cleaned out the garage of most of our beers brewed earlier in the year.


A few weeks ago we had a guest brewer come over to make a kit beer while we were brewing in the gazebo. Don brought all his ingredients for a brown ale and we supplied the burner.


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