Kelly's Brew Pub - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I had the opportunity to visit a few brewing establishments while in Albuquerque for a conference recently. Kelly's Brew Pub occupies an historic building on Albuquerque's east side and has 20 house beers on tap plus a variety of microbrews. This place is a homebrewer's dream - you can brew any of the 20 available recipes in the back of the pub in 15 gal batches (72 22 oz bottles). On the down side, they only brew extract based beers. That said, I tried the IPA, Amber, Apricot, Belgian, ESB, Scotish Ale, and Imperial Stout. I found most of them to be quite drinkable. My uncle offered me an IPA he made here a few years ago and it was outstanding! For more information on Kelly's see their website. I was cautioned about the quality of the beer here from one the wait staff of the Il Vicino pizza and brewery across the street (obviously an extract vs all grain bias). While I didn't get to visit the actual Il Vicino brewery, I did sample several of their all grain brews with a very tasty pizza - very good IPA. See the bottom of the page for links to more Albuquerque breweries.

Original Texaco sign from Jones Motors. Kelley's is on the National Regisrtry of Historic Buildings


View of the indoor seating area that was once the main showroom of Jones Motors


Happy conference attendees enjoying a beer


The main bar and tap at Kelly's


20 house beers on tap


Photo of Jones Motor Company established in 1939.


Original Texaco sign - pumps are still present in the outdoor seating area,


Other Breweries in Albuquerque:

Chama River

Marble Brewery

Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza and Brewery


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